December 19, 2012

Dear Parents,

I want to reassure you that our Immaculate Conception School faculty and staff are very proactive concerning the safety of our students.
Several years ago, we formed a partnership with the Eastern Adams Regional Police. The children are comfortable seeing the officers walking the halls of our school, visiting classrooms and observing school arrival.
Our ICS Board has recently arranged for a study by the Pennsylvania State Police. This assessment will be conducted by the RVAT team while school is in session. The RVAT team will monitor entry and exits to the school by foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and our physical entry/exit points for potential strengths, weaknesses and threats.
Your children are a precious gift that you share with us every day. The safety of our students remains the number one priority of the Immaculate Conception School faculty and staff.

May God’s blessings be with you,
Donna Hoffman

Principal, Immaculate Conception School

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Welcome Back

August 3, 2012
Dear Parents,
Our school year begins on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. Our ICS staff and teachers have been busy polishing floors, decorating classrooms and planning for a brand new school year. You can feel the excitement in the air! All we need is the students arriving with big smiles on their faces ready to embark on their new educational journey!

Open House will take on a new format this year at Immaculate Conception School. It is our intent to speak with the parents before the school year begins to share our expectations with you and answer any questions that you may have so we can establish a closer working partnership with you. We look forward to being “Companions on this Journey with you”.

Please read the following carefully:
*Parent Only Open House: Tuesday, August 21st *****GRADES K-4 ONLY
6:30 PM – Kindergarten Parents Only will meet in the Cafeteria.
7:00 PM – Grades 1 through 4 Parents Only will meet in the Cafeteria.
Parents will then proceed to the classrooms for a teacher presentation.
*Parent Only Open House: Thursday, August 23rd *****GRADES 5th -8th ONLY
7:00 PM – Parents Only will meet in the Cafeteria.
Parents will then proceed to the classrooms for a teacher presentation.

ICS “KNIGHTS’ NIGHT “– Thursday, September 26th
Please join us for our 1st ICS “KNIGHTS’ NIGHT”! We welcome parents and students to join us for a back to school showcase evening. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our students to share their classroom with their family. It will also be a great opportunity for the new families joining ICS to meet the familiar faces of our ICS families. This evening will be held from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

May all of God’s blessings be with you,

Donna Hoffman, Principal

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Kindergarten Open House

Dear Parents,

Kindergarten is a time of wonder, awe and learning! It is an exciting time for children and their families. The Kindergarten year represents a major threshold in a child’s life at a critical stage of development. We celebrate the wonder of childhood in our Kindergarten at Immaculate Conception School!

Immaculate Conception School is dedicated to nurturing the young child spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally through a faith-based curriculum in a caring, Catholic environment. Immaculate Conception School was named “The Governor’s Institute Center for Learning” because of the work done and progress made in the area of Early Childhood Education of our youth.

Our Kindergarten creates a healthy learning environment that is safe, secure, stimulating and thoughtfully planned with the child in mind. Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jodi Wilson, is the best in the Adams county area! The curriculum promotes a strong foundation of literacy and numerical skills. We are very proud of our Kid- Writing Program. Immaculate Conception offers a strong technology curriculum. We are the only school in the area that has Interactive White Boards in our Kindergarten. Mrs. Wilson will form a partnership with you that will encourage your child to experience the beginning of a successful educational journey.

I would like to invite you to Immaculate Conception School’s Kindergarten Open House on Sunday, January 15th, 2012. Open House will be held from 9:00 AM until 12:00 Noon. Immaculate Conception School can offer your child an incredibly affordable education in a rich learning environment. Your child’s future academic success will be in excellent hands in our Kindergarten program.

We look forward to meeting you at our Kindergarten Open House on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon. Immaculate Conception School is located at 101 N. Peter Street, New Oxford, PA 17350.


Mrs. Donna M. Hoffman, M.Ed.


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Share the Harvest

Dear Parents,

          Our Immaculate Conception School students and staff will celebrate Fall Harvest on Thursday, October 27th.  God has blessed us with many gifts.  The children thank God each day for their gifts of loving parents, a warm home and plenty of food to eat.

          The students realize that many people in the New Oxford community are less fortunate.  God asks that we open our hearts to see other’s needs. We will form a human food chain beginning at 9:00 AM on Thursday, October 27th.  Our line will begin at the school and end at the New Oxford Food Pantry.

          We are asking that each student bring can goods to school by Wednesday, October 26th.  This is a great opportunity for Immaculate Conception School students and staff to open our hands and help those less fortunate in need.

Please feel free to join us in our human food chain.


God’s Blessings,

Donna Hoffman

Donna Hoffman, Principal

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Back to School Night

Dear Parents,

Back to School Night at Immaculate Conception School has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 14 at 7:00 PM. I apologize for needing to cancel the original date but Mother Nature had other plans for us.

The recent weather conditions led to Immaculate Conception School being cancelled or delayed. We must follow the decision that is made by Conewago Valley School District. The following stations will carry the weather announcements:

*Fox 43


*Channel 21

*The Peak 98.5

Please be aware that our school doors open at 7:30 AM. The following will be in place for a one or two hour delay:

*1 hour delay – school doors will open at 8:30 AM

*2 hour delay – school doors will open at 9:30AM

Thank you,

Donna Hoffman, Principal

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A New School Year Approaches!

We Are Companions on this Journey

July 27, 2011

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you as we begin on this new journey of the 2011-2012 school year! This year promises to be filled with excitement as Immaculate Conception School celebrates our 150th year of Catholic education!

Immaculate Conception School has a long tradition of inspiring a life-long journey of learning to all our students.  God’s presence is felt in every child.  Immaculate Conception School students live the message of the Gospel by reaching out to others.  Our school promotes excellence in academics that enables our students to have a strong foundation for a bright future.

Our Immaculate Conception staff is dedicated to providing a challenging education that invites all students to strive for excellence.  It is our desire to form a strong working partnership with you as parents.  You have entrusted to us your greatest gift from God…your child!

God has sent new gifts to Immaculate Conception School this year!  We are pleased to welcome the newest members of our school family.

Father Charles Persing, M.Div.,M.A.

Father Charles has recently been appointed by Bishop Joseph P. McFadden as the new Pastor of Immaculate Conception Church.  Father Charles is a real blessing to our children at Immaculate Conception School!  He captured a place in the hearts of our young ones forever when he arrived to meet them in the “traditional Immaculate Conception School uniform”!  Father could be seen walking the school hallways in a navy blue Immaculate Conception polo shirt and uniform Khaki pants.

Father’s presence in our school will nurture the students to seek a strong relationship with God.  Father Charles explained to the children that they would see him not only at Immaculate Conception Church but in their classrooms too!  One little first grader responded by pumping her arm in the air with a loud “Alleluia”… talk about excitement being in the air!

Our upper grades missed Father’s first visit to our school because they were on a field trip.  Imagine their excitement days later when they received a letter from Father Charles!  He wrote about how much he looked forward to meeting them because they were the leaders of Immaculate Conception School.  What great lessons Father Charles will bring to these older students as they develop a solid Catholic foundation filled with scripture and prayer!


Mrs. Carolyn Carpenter

Immaculate Conception School would like to welcome Mrs. Carolyn Carpenter as our new 4th grade teacher!  Mrs. Carpenter comes to us from St. Vincent’s School where she recently taught 4th grade. Mrs. Carpenter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Towson State University and a Master’s Degree in Reading Education from McDaniel College.  She is the proud mother of three boys. Mrs. Carpenter is known as a teacher who possesses a positive, can-do spirit that is brought into the classroom.  Her innovative teaching style helps her students learn and grow! Immaculate Conception School welcomes Mrs. Carpenter to be a “Companion on this Journey” with us!

Mr. Brian Colgan

Immaculate Conception School is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Brian Colgan as our school music director.  Mr. Colgan is well known in the Adams County area for his musical talents.  Musical notes can be heard throughout the halls every Thursday at Immaculate Conception School as our students benefit from this talented musician!  We look forward to “singing God’s praises” as Mr. Colgan instills a love of music in our students!  Immaculate Conception School welcomes Mr. Colgan to our ICS family!

We are proud of Immaculate Conception School and what we have to offer.  There is good news in education today!  You will find it at Immaculate Conception School!  We welcome students of all backgrounds and faiths to be “Companions on this Journey” with us!

May God’s blessing be with you and your family,

Mrs. Donna Hoffman, M.Ed.

Principal of Immaculate Conception School





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13 April, 2011 10:35

Dear Parents,

This week I became aware of the very real possibility of the closing of St. Vincent’s School in Hanover at the end of this current school year. Rumors and concerns are circulating throughout the community.

I have met with Father O’Brien, Pastor of Immaculate Conception Church. Please let me put the rumors and concerns to rest. There are no plans to close Immaculate Conception School. We continue to work to decrease any deficit that has occurred in this challenging economy for all schools. Our school board is working together to develop a budget that will be financially stable to ensure a bright future for Immaculate Conception School.

The moment anyone walks into Immaculate Conception School you know that you are standing on holy ground. Christ’s presence is illuminated in the face of every student! The teachers and staff are dedicated to offering the very best education for our children. Immaculate Conception School is proud to announce they will celebrate their 150th year in Catholic education in the year 2012!

We continue to be “Companions on this Journey” together. Our Immaculate Conception family is strong! We welcome any new families that want to join our Immaculate Conception family. Please spread the word that both our hearts and doors are open to new students. Thank you for being “Companions of this Journey” with us.

May God’s blessing be with you and your family,

Mrs. Donna Hoffman

Principal of Immaculate Conception School

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